Women Issues Speaker – My Girl, Not My God – Breaking Control and Manipulation to Live Free

My girl, not my God.

An enlightening message for ladies and gents

Come on men it’s time to take a stance!

Be the man God created you to truly be.

Get off your butt and turn off the TV

There is more to life than living vicariously

Through your sports heroes and teams weekly

Focus on yourself a bit to live purposefully

To regain your divine identity and live powerfully!

Shake and awake yourself to your divine destiny

Refuse to be belittled by the woman you married

Or whichever female is in your life temporarily

Be the man of the house spiritually and dynamically

Lead by example and that with tender humility

If your girl begins complaining and getting boisterous

Remind her she is your girl, not your God to be worshipped

Remove the mouthy woman from the self-centered pedestal

Take back your life and give it wholeheartedly to your Creator

If this disappoints, aggravates and irritates your prized princess

Well then she can go! Because it will no longer be her show!

If your life is to be full of peace and joy, you must submit to God

Partner with the Lord of life and put an end to all of the strife

Stop the whimpering, whining, complaining and cruel criticism

The many manipulative measures designed and used by women

To manuever and get what they want, while driving God from your life.

No more! The mighty Creator is knocking patiently at your heart’s door

Waiting for your invitation to be extended graciously unto Him

So He in all of His goodness and glory may majestically come in!

Befriend the living God and His glory will miraculously clothe you

Embrace the Lord of love and His abundant blessings will chase you!

No longer will you be weakened by your drama queen’s unkind words

Because the Word of life will make you stronger and fill you with faith

After which you can boldly arise with fire in your eyes to run the race

To fulfill your destiny with eyes open wide to divinely see the heavenly

To bring blessings and breakthroughs where you need God to move.

To resurrect and reestablish your manhood and attract godly women to you

To melt and change whichever woman is currently attached to you

To silence skeptics and noisy negatives being voiced among you

To turn hopeless situations around and make gray skies blue!

Reconnect with your Creator and don’t worry about what the girl will do.