Women Issues – The Children of Divorce

Children of divorced parents are also more sceptical about finding true love and settling down. Before you decide that this article is trying to spoil you from enjoying your big day, this is just to make you aware of the facts so you are more equipped to enjoy your married life fully, even though you may not have grown up in successful marital surroundings.

As child of divorce, it is important not to lose hope by thinking that you are going to commit the same mistakes your parents did. You will have to be a little optimistic and think that you have learned from the mistakes of your parents to make sure history does not repeat itself.

Here are other key points to help you: You will have to learn to forget and forgive the past. A successful marriage is difficult enough to maintain without bringing all your old laundry to it. First, make peace with your parents and forgive them. Do not blame their divorce for everything in your life. This will help you make peace with past and concentrate on the future with a fresh prospective. Remember that you are not your mom- remember that you are a different person and stop worrying about committing your parent’s mistakes. Remember that you control your fate and you make your own decisions. Also, accept that your spouse is not your dad or think that he is going to make the same mistakes as your dad did. Do not equate his mistakes to your father’s and think of the worst-case scenario. In order for you have a successful marriage, think of him as his own person, and place your complete trust on him. If he makes a mistake, be quick to forgive and enjoy each other’s company.

You are at an advantage when it comes to making mistakes. You have witnessed a failing marriage first hand. You just have to make sure that you do not perform the same mistakes in your married life. You can also look at your friends’ parents or relatives who have had successful marriages for pointers and talk to them.

Concentrate on your unique future. You should not define the path you are going to follow and base it on your parent’ union. You start by trusting your husband and placing complete faith in your relationship if you truly love him and like his company. Start building a better future with him by talking to him about your issues so he can understand you better.